Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Works Instrument

Heyy Heyy!!!
Well...anyways..during our Thanksgiving Break (FOOD!!FOOL!!!)
UINFORTUNATELY..i was sick the whole week so i didnt make one..
Soo Sorry 'bout that!
Anyways...When we got backk we had fun the instruments..
(not me cause i didnt have mines...oppsies!!)
Anyways...we sat in a huge circle and started to make beats!
(its was pretty cool)
I like New Works....maybe!
Anyways goodbye people of blogspot!!!
Peace nd Hair Grease!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Heyy everyone i know i haven't been on in a like a week so this one might be a little long and just to let yall know that this is gonna be a super random one so be prepared to hear some super random things. Well at the moment right now im watchin x factor. i love these type of shows because sometimes i like to watch people make fools of themselves sometimes cause its kinda funny to watch them embarrass themselves on national tv just to hilarious. Well im so sleepy right now Ive been up since like 6 in the mornin but i just cant go back to  sleep its ridiculous! Later on today i gotta get my hair done then i gotta go to church then i gotta perform later on today at 5 soi i have a jam packed day today....Well bye people i don't feel like typing anymore so.....bye!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


At the house chillin...super tired been doin stuff at church! Didnt get home till like 7....yup a hour and 30 mins gonna get baptized next week too im bored cause ny homie Chris is gone...and this time i was actually havin fun! Lol wow i just said that i was havin fun with this annoyin brat how ridiculous do i sound! Anyways i just got thru editting a pic of me and my sister tiaa! we looked too cute! well imma stop now even though this is like one of the smallest blogs ive ever done! Goodbye awesome people who are bloggers!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Heyy all you lovable people!! Guess what....i feel like being random todayy because im super bored and its only 9:30 on a saturdayy morning!! hahahahaha my little sister is on the computer playing who knows what, my brother and uncle are knocked out in their room, my mom is at my great grandfathers house picking him up my dads at work and me im just sitting here on my moms laptop writing a blog for you guys isnt that something?? I am so freaking hungry right now but i dont feel like getting up at the moment to go make these stupid cinnamon rolls!! Im still in my pj's bored as ever scratching this spider bite on my back...and for all you think WHAT!?...yup i have a huge spider bite on my back but i have no idea how it got there isnt that just too weird?? well i guess ishould stop being lazy and get up to make these stupid cinnamon rolls!! Goodbye all you lovavble people and have an awesome saturdaycause i know im not!!

Friday, September 23, 2011


This blog is about me and my love of....Yupp thats right DANCE! Me I've been in love with dance since forever and Booker T. has always been my dream school! I've wanted to go to that school since i was like 4. When i first auditioned for Booker T. i had a an awesome piece that i had been working on for a couple of weeks so you could imagine how upset i was when i found out that i didn't get in. After that it was like my whole world was empty so i just stopped dancing because i felt like if i wasn't good enough to get into Booker T. than im not good enough to be a technically i was just beating myself up because i thought that the world was going to end. So my mom, dad and I decided that i would go to skyline for my high school career. well about a couple weeks into the beginning of my high school life my mom got a call in school that i had gotten in so after she called my dad and told him the news he went and bought like 2 dozen roses, came up to Skyline and told me the news i was super duper excited..i was jumping up and down screaming in the lobby. I went back to my class and just started crying my bff Alina asked what was up and why did i have all these roses. I told her and i could tell that she was happy for me but i could also tell that she was upset that i was leaving so soon. The next day i went back to Skyline and withdrew myself then i went to Booker T. to get my schedule made and start my FIRST day at Booker T. I was so excited and my first dayy was awesome now i can pursue my dream of being a dancer with some of the best dancer that can be found!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Heyy once! Im still gettin the hang of this blog thing but anyways!. Today i decided to blog about little brothers and sisters....theyy can be..well ANNOYING! But thats beyond the point....first let me get on brothers...younger brothers. My little brother is super crazy and corny i mean like every single thing that comes out of his mouth is corny...even if he isnt trying to tell a joke....yupp just that corny! I think he enjoys to see me angry because every chance he gets he is up to no good...literally! But its funny when he makes a mistake and gets in trouble for it...i know i sound cruel but i just like to see his reaction to some things!. Like a couple of weeks ago we went to my cousins house for his 16th birthday party and everybody was just chillin havin a good time....then i hear him call my name i turn around and look to my surprise he is holding holding my cousins old ipod nano. I sayy Miles put that down befor you break it and of course he says im not gonna break it im like okay whatever do what you want but when you get in trouble dont come runnin to me and he says okay whatever....(remember this at the end of the story) So we leave right and go to the house...tell me why the next dayy i come home from school and that same exact ipod is on the bar...i was just thinkin wow i know this lil punk did not just take this from his house without askin just my mom comes up to me and is like Miles said he found this here in his room have you ever seen it and me being the awesomely nice sister i tell her yup i have seen it before at our cousins house cause thats the exact same one that i saw him playing with at our cousin make a long story short he got his but whooped twice by my mom and dad and my dad took him to my cousins house to return it and apologize aint that something..! Little brothers are the craziest little things!.